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Food Serving Gastronorm Container 1/6 Size 200mm Deep 6th Pan for Freezing Containers for Food

Model No.: JMA1816-8
Product Description: 1/6 EU Style GN Pan 200mm
Dimension (mm): 176×162×200
THK (mm): 0.7
MEAS (mm): 570×350×340
Case Count: 36
N.W.(kg/pc): 0.531
N.W.(kg/CTN): 19.12
  • JMA1816-8

Make your culinary creations stand out with Hetaixing’s transportation solutions! Perfectly suited for restaurateurs, chefs, bakers, and other food professionals, our products provide reliable insulation so that hot dishes retain their heat and cold items stay chilled during transit. From individual menus to large catering establishments, Hetaixing offers an expansive range of products to fit every food transportation needs. Keep your creations at the perfect temperature with Hetaixing's dependable solutions for the hospitality industry!

Considerate DesignBuit To Last With Safe And Durable MaterialConstructed of stainless steel, this Gastronorm Pan is sturdy, rust-proof, non-toxic and fast heat conduction.
Reinforced EdgesOur GN pans are designed with reinforced edges and corners for added durability which helps to prevent dents, scratches, and chips while moving them around. Plus, the flattening give you an extra sense of security as they fit comfortably in your hand. Enjoy a stronger grip and more durability with our reinforced rounded edges.
Round CornersOur pans feature round corners for a sleek appearance and increased safety. Enjoy maximum comfort and peace of mind when using round corner pans, designed to bring reliability and durability to your cooking experience!
Anti-Jam Stacking LugsOur GN pans feature a deep stacking edge for space-saving storage. This allows you to stack the pans securely, giving you more room to store other items while still keeping all your pans organized and in one place.
Integrated  Molding DesignOur Gastronorm pans are made of thickened stainless steel material that is integrally formed for maximum strength and durability. This makes it resistant to extrusion and deformation, so you can count on the pans to remain in great condition even after years of use.
FinishedFeaturing a smooth electrolytic polishing, this pan will make your baked goods sparkle in the ambient lighting.
SafeWithstands Temperatures-40°C to +180 °C (356 °F)
Featuring high heating efficiency while heating food evenly. Featuring superior heat retention & preservation while keeping your  kitchen mess-free.
Secure BenefitsOur GN pans are oven-safe, freezer-safe, and dishwasher-safe. This makes them incredibly convenient to use and maintain, so you can quickly and easily cook meals or clean up afterward.
Reliable For any FoodPerfect for breading, marinating, preparing, roasting, baking, serving and storing food of all kinds, these Gastronorm Pans are essential for any catering buffet, high-volume restaurant or dining hall.The durable construction and reliable performance make it easy to ensure that each dish looks great on the table.
PracticalWide Applications0.7 mm thick gauge provides added strength and durability - cutting down on replacement costs. The perfect addition to any family gathering or outdoor cooking event!
Easy to CleanJust wipe them down with a damp cloth and your pan will be clean in no time – no scrubbing or harsh chemicals required. Keep your kitchen looking great with Hetaixing restaurant supplies' stainless steam table pans!
Easy to StorageThese stackable pans are designed to provide a space-saving solution. You can effortlessly stack them up without worrying about a hassle. Enjoy space-saving storage capabilities with Hetaixing's stainless GN Pans!

Compatible Drop Down Handles Item for option:

Product Height (mm):200
Model No.:JMA1816-8H
Product Description:1/6 EU Style GN Pan 200mm with Drop Down Handles
Dimension (mm):176×162×200
THK (mm):0.7
MEAS (mm):570×350×340
Case Count:36