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Warming Trays For Parties Round Chafing Dish

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With a round shape and elegant mirror finish, this chafing dish is a crowd-pleaser. Its stainless-steel construction is also sturdy and easy to clean. It features cool-touch handles and a convenient rolling top cover that opens and closes smoothly. It’s a great choice for catering events and home parties.

A round chafing dish is used to keep already-cooked food warm, typically in buffet lines at catered events and banquet halls. They are available in several sizes, from half-size to full size chafing dishes that hold up to 15 quarts. Rectangular chafing dishes are the most common style and are often seen in these settings, but there are also many round options on the market.

Most round chafing dishs come with 4 main components: the food pan, water pan, stand, and lid. Place the water pan on the base first, then add the food pan. Most chafing dishes also include small holders that hold burner fuel like gel or wick to heat the dish. These are usually placed in a safe distance from the food to prevent fire hazards.

Round Chafing Dish

Before using your round chafing dish, read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you are following all safety precautions. Once you’re ready, carefully light the burners. The method to do so will vary depending on your model. Some use a simple flip of a switch, while others may require a lighter or match. Be sure to wear gloves when handling the burner fuel to avoid burning your hands.

When hosting a party, or even when you’re simply entertaining family and friends, having food at the right temperature is crucial. Whether it’s appetizers, side dishes or main courses, having something to keep them warm until everyone is ready to eat is ideal.

While you could use your oven, which can warm up to two throw-away aluminum pans at a time, it’s far easier and more efficient to invest in one of the best warming trays for parties. These are designed specifically to hold meals and can range from non-electric, which are typically used by catering companies, to electric models that will heat up quickly and evenly for an extended period of time.

Warming Trays For Parties

Buffet pans choose from a variety of sizes to meet your buffet line needs and keep food warm. Choose from rectangular and round chafing dish models that range in capacity from 3 qt. to 15 qt. Rectangular chafing dishes are popular for main entrees while round chafing dishes add a nice change in appearance and are ideal for appetizers, sides, and desserts.

Each chafing dish is made from durable stainless steel to handle heavy use and high temperatures. They're easy to clean and designed for easy stacking in storage. Many are dishwasher safe to save your staff time and effort. They also have handles to make transport and handling a breeze.

Lids and covers are available in different configurations to fit your buffet style. Roll-top lids allow for self-service for guests while lift-off dome covers are great for when your wait staff is dishing out meals.

A sneeze guard is also available to protect your guests from contaminated food. Place it over the buffet line to prevent food from being touched by sneezing or coughing patrons. This helps to keep your buffet lines running smoothly while still offering a great selection of food for your guests.

Round Chafing Dish

Warming Trays For Parties

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