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Catering Supplies and Equipment

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A successful catering business requires a variety of catering supplies and equipment to help prepare, transport, and serve foods at off-site events. Whether you’re offering simple takeout food or an elegant full-service event, the right supplies and equipment will ensure that everything gets from your kitchen to the venue in one piece.

To keep foods hot and ready for service, caterers use chafing dishes, bain marie heaters, and holding cabinets. To make a buffet setup more attractive, they utilize steam tables and food wells to create an eye-catching display, and they can use condiment holders and paper napkin dispensers for easy access and neat presentation.

The pan is a rectangle-shaped foodservice container that can be used for serving, holding, or prepping foods. You'll find them in a variety of restaurants, buffet lines, and catered events. They're also commonly used in commercial kitchens for various cooking methods, like boiling, braising, or roasting. They're also a great choice for transporting foods, since they can be sealed and airtight to prevent spills and messes while in transit.

The Pan

There are many different types of hotel pans on the market, from stainless steel to aluminum to those with a non-stick coating. Stainless steel hotel pans are known for their durability, corrosion-resistance, and ability to hold heat well. Aluminum hotel pans, on the other hand, are lightweight and heat up quickly. They're also cheaper than stainless steel, but they are reactive and can affect the flavor of acidic foods. Hotel pans with a non-stick coating are ideal for cooking delicate foods, such as eggs or fish. They're also easier to clean than stainless steel or aluminum hotel pans.

When it comes to choosing a hotel pan, you'll also want to consider its size and depth. There are standard sizes for hotel pans, based on the Gastro-Norm sizing system. You'll also want to think about the accessories for your hotel pans, such as lids and covers, utensils, and serving trays. These will help you maximize the use of your hotel pans and make your operations more efficient and effective.

The Pan

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